What to do with Yogurt?

Answering the question above, you can do almost everything with yogurt!

List of Delicious Healthy Food Menu For Your Health
List of Delicious Healthy Food Menu For Your Health

By mentioning almost everything here means refer to a huge amount benefits of yogurt and its versatility that can go well in every occasion. Let’s stick to the basic rules on consume yogurt, the less the better, the plain the better. Here I do not say that yogurt with fruit taste on it is not good, am just saying that it is widely known that the more its closer to the original form, of course the more nutrient keep on it. Go a head on consume and choose the variety that meet your taste, just make sure to read the label and adjust with your diet. One kind brand, YUMMY yogurt, offer the variant taste that you can try from the one that stick with the rule, the plain or the Greek style or the variety with fruits on it.

Here some tips on crafting yogurt so you will find another opt to include them on the healthy food menu plan on your day to day life

  1. Make your own yogurt cheese: make it with plain yogurt, then you need a sieved lined with a coffee filter or cheesecloth, spoon the yogurt over it and set it over a bowl. Cover and refrigerated for few hours, do it overnight to get thicker yogurt cheese. Voila, you now have a yogurt cheese homestyle that can go as a dip, spreads, or applied on desserts.
  2. A new iced café latte with vanilla flavored yogurt or frozen yogurt, cold strong brewed coffee and ice cubes blended well till slushy!
  3. Want something new on dinner table? Top you regular baked potatoes with plain yogurt and add fresh chives or green onions. Voila you get a new menu!

Quite interesting combination, right? Happy cooking!

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