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ASIC is a government-recognized, autonomous agency that practices in accrediting schools, colleges, universities, training companies and online and reserve training providers, both in the UK including overseas. Our process examines institutions as a whole including the administration, teaching, and course delivery systems to ensure that the required standards are met. ASIC accreditation is acknowledged by UK Visas including Immigration (UKVI), member of the Home Office, as a qualification necessary for UK companies wishing to book world learners (outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland) at little Visa Visas including Standard Guest Visas.

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ASIC accredits the following types of institutions: Universities, Colleges, Schools, and Training Organizations. With accreditation service ASIC looks in detail at all institutions and takes into account factors including the health and safety of the venue, the resources available to staff and management, the delivery of course materials, the students’ welfare, the qualifications and awards offered by the institutions and procedures of marketing recruitment and recruitment. Each of these areas is assessed and considered when deciding whether to grant accreditation or not. Accreditation with ASIC is not a one-time process and we are not just a police organization. In return, ASIC is committed to supporting the development and enhancement of the quality of all our institutions.

Accreditation service by ASIC will also enhance your institutional profile and ensure that they meet high standards of education, welfare, and practice. This will convince students, parents, and agents that your institution is a good choice, and you will give them professional teaching, valuable qualifications, and a positive learning experience. The goal is to protect students and stakeholders from unethical institutions who make false or misleading claims about their curriculum, their teaching methods, the best cashless payment, and other matters, empowering them to prove that they can offer high quality training.

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